Creating a Koala Oasis: Native Plants That Attract and Sustain Koalas

Koalas, often referred to as the “koala bear,” are beloved marsupials native to Australia. These iconic creatures are known for their cuddly appearance and slow-paced lives spent high up in eucalyptus trees. However, koalas face numerous challenges, including habitat loss and food scarcity. One way to support koala populations is by creating a koala oasis in your own backyard. In this article, we’ll explore native plants that attract and sustain koalas, allowing you to contribute to their conservation efforts.

The Koala’s Habitat and Diet

Koalas primarily inhabit eucalyptus forests and woodlands, as these trees make up the majority of their diet. Eucalyptus leaves provide essential nutrients and moisture, making them vital for the survival of koalas.

Koala Diet Preferences

Koalas have specific preferences for certain eucalyptus species. Some of their favorites include the Tallowwood (Eucalyptus microcorys), Grey Gum (Eucalyptus punctata), and Swamp Mahogany (Eucalyptus robusta). These trees not only provide nutrition but also play a role in koalas’ water intake.

Creating a Koala-Friendly Garden

You can transform your garden into a koala oasis by planting native trees and shrubs that koalas love. This not only benefits local koala populations but also adds natural beauty to your landscape.

Native Eucalyptus Trees

Planting native eucalyptus trees is the most direct way to attract koalas. Choose varieties like the Forest Red Gum (Eucalyptus tereticornis) or the Scribbly Gum (Eucalyptus haemastoma). Ensure they are suited to your local climate and soil conditions.

Complement with Koala-Friendly Shrubs

In addition to eucalyptus trees, include koala-friendly shrubs in your garden. Native species like the Grey Myrtle (Backhousia myrtifolia) and the Swamp Banksia (Banksia robur) can provide extra sustenance for koalas.

Consider Planting Koala Corridors

If you have a larger property, consider creating koala corridors—areas with a mix of native plants that koalas can use to move between different parts of their habitat. This helps maintain genetic diversity and healthy koala populations.

Providing a Water Source

Koalas obtain much of their hydration from the leaves they eat. However, during dry spells, they may need additional water sources. Consider installing a bird bath or shallow dish with fresh water for koalas to drink.

Koala Habitat Conservation

Conserving koala habitat beyond your garden is also crucial. Support local conservation efforts, and encourage your community to plant native vegetation and protect existing koala habitats.


By creating a koala oasis in your backyard with native plants and providing essential resources, you can make a meaningful contribution to koala conservation. Your efforts not only help koalas thrive but also promote biodiversity and the preservation of Australia’s unique ecosystems.

Remember, the koala’s survival depends on the availability of suitable habitat and food. By taking steps to create a welcoming environment for these iconic marsupials, you become a steward of their well-being and help ensure a future where koalas continue to enchant us with their presence in the Australian wilderness.