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Terms & Conditions.


Remember to order plants in 4's.  So order 4 or 8 or 12 etc. But you can select any combination of varieties. So mix it up a bit, you can select 1 of this and 3 of that etc. All plants come in 150mm pots and 4 pots fit in a carton.

Please note that we do not sell from the McMullins Road Adress. This is an online/mail-order business. Plants are sometimes sold at local markets. 

terms and conditions

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All plants are guaranteed to arrive healthy and in good condition. If you are not satisfied with the condition of the plants, we will either replace them or refund the purchase price of the individual plants, excluding freight charges, subject to the following conditions. Plants are further guaranteed for 2 days after delivery. We only send the best plants but we obviously can't control what happens to them beyond a reasonable amount of time after they are received. Please note that Koala Native Plants reserves the right to require proof of plant condition by way of photograph or the like for customers to take advantage of this guarantee. Freight charges are not refundable. Plants sold at discounted prices, reduced prices or sale prices are not covered by this guarantee.

Refund Policy.

If a customer is not satisfied with the quality of the plants a refund may be applied to the customers account in the following circumstances. a). If a plant or plants are damaged in any way and this can be proven by way of a photograph. A refund will only be processed for individual plants if they are proven to be damaged. b). If the customer is not happy with the quality of the plants when they arrive. There is a 48-hour time restriction after delivery for this refund option to apply. We take great care to only send the very best quality plants but Koala Native Plants cannot be responsible for what happens to them after the customer has been in possession of the plants for 48 hours from delivery. Refunds will only apply to single plants that are proven by the customer to be unsatisfactory and when Koala Native Plants and its representatives are in agreement of the plant damage. Koala Native Plants and its representatives reserve the right to decide if a refund is applicable in each and every case.

Delivery fees are separate to plants prices and are only refundable in the rare event that the plant cartons do not arrive. Koala Native Plants representatives will need to be certain that the cartons did not arrive for a refund of delivery fees to apply. The courier involved with the delivery will need to be contacted so that non-delivery can be proven before a refund of delivery fees can be processed. Delivery fees are not refundable if the plant carton/s do arrive, even if it is concluded by Koala Native Plants that some plant damage does exist.


In most situations the return of plants to Koala Native Plants will not be possible. There are several reasons for this including the distance and time that plants can travel. Also, in most cases customers will not have an account with the courier companies Koala Native Plants deals with and this may be necessary for the courier to collect from a customers premises. Most often a refund will be issued rather than plants being returned to Koala Native Plants.

Cancelled Orders.

Koala Native Plants reserves the right to charge a restocking fee for cancelled orders. This fee will be equal to 20% of the cancelled orders total price.


Plants and Skin irritations.

Some varieties of plants may cause skin irritation in some people. A very small number of people may have severe reactions to plants. We advise that gardeners take precautions when handling plants. The use of gloves and long-sleeved clothing is recommended as is avoiding contact with skin and eyes. Koala Native Plants and its owners take no responsibility for the effects that plants may have on gardeners. By purchasing plants from Koala Native Plants either from this website of from our retail outlets, the purchaser acknowledges that they may take no action against Koala Native Plants or its owners for pain and suffering caused by plants.


Privacy Policy
Information Collection and Use

Any personally identifiable information entered into this website is used only by Koala Native Plants for the purposes of:
1)Sending orders to its customers,
2) Contacting customers to follow up on order information,
3) if they so elect, for the purpose of them receiving regular newsletters only from Koala Native Plants.
4) Processing orders and payments.

Changes to this Privacy Policy
Koala Native Plants reserves the right to edit this privacy policy from time to time. If substantial changes are made, they will be published prominently on the website.

All plant advice and plant images within this website are intended as a guide only. Although great care is taken by Koala Native Plants and its owners when compiling information and images, they take no responsibility for the accuracy of information or images contained within this website.

General Terms & Conditions

  • The availability of particular plant varieties does vary. Koala Native Plants is not bound to supply to anyone any particular plant variety at any time or as part of any offer made by Koala Native Plants and its representatives.
  • Koala Native Plants and its owners reserve the right to refuse any order placed by any person, corporation or entity at any time.
  • All plants come in 150mm ( 6 inch) pots and are 20cm to 75cm high ( including the pot) and have informative plant labels.  6 inch pots are packed and freighted 4 at a time in our standard 'Plant Shipper' cartons. Customers can select any combination of plant varieties.
  • Delivery charges are separate to plant prices. Delivery charges are not refundable.
  • Couriers will require that a person sign for plant cartons on delivery otherwise the courier will generally leave a card advising the customer to phone the couriers nearest depot. Alternatively, the customer may request that the plant carton or cartons be left by the courier in a particular place at the customers designated delivery point. We advise that a safe place be chosen out of public view and out of the weather. If the customer chooses to nominate a designated place for the cartons to be left in this way, the customer is then responsible for the plant cartons and all their contents. Koala Native Plants and its owners are not responsible for plant cartons left at customers premises at the customers request. 

Please also note that the shipping rates for many items we sell are weight-based. The weight of any such item can be found on its detail page.

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