Maintain Healthy Garden

Prevention is always better than cure. A well-maintained garden keeps away plant diseases, weeds and garden pests. A healthy garden is a good defence against plants diseases. Not only maintaining healthy garden prevents diseases but it also gives a desirable look to your garden landscape. Beautiful flowers, fresh fruits, and vegetables would be the outcome of a well-maintained garden. Let me give you some tips and tricks for how to maintain a healthy garden.

1: Watering:

Water is as essential for plants as it is for other creations of God. However, over watering kills plants. Water the plants as needed. It is not necessary to wet the leaves. Soaking the ground and roots is enough. Some people do watering at night which is extremely wrong. Watering at night invites plant diseases. Always water the plants in the morning to keep them hydrated.

2: Correct Fertilizer Application:

As mentioned above that over watering kills plants, likewise too much of fertilizing can also damage roots and lessen their ability to absorb water. This makes plants more sensitive and vulnerable to cold, heat and drought. Such plants cannot fight diseases. Only strong plants with sufficient nutrients are best fighters against harsh situations. The question here is how to determine the accurate level of nutrients (fertilizer) in your soil? You must go for a lab soil test so that overabundance of a particular nutrient cannot take place through over-fertilization. Remember, too much of one nutrient can also put stress on a plant.

3: Watch for Bugs and Insects:

According to renowned Melbourne based landscaper Andy Murray, from Andy Murray Landscape Design, make sure to do regular inspections of your garden to watch out for bugs and garden pests like Cucumber insects and Aphids. Keep on removing and destroying diseased plants. Small pests can be drowned by spraying the strong stream of water from the hosepipe. Insecticidal soaps and garden Fungicide are also helpful to kill bugs. For stubborn wild weeds, contact any professional to encounter them.

4:  Clean Out the Garden in autumn:

Autumn is the best time to clean out the garden to control diseases. It is important to remove dead leaves every fall. Diseases can easily be transferred from dead leaves (with spots) on the new leaves as they produce in spring. It is thus recommended to clean up the garden before new growth starts in spring.

5: Give Plants their Space:

When plants get proper nutrients, sunlight and moisture, they grow. And hence they need space for growth. Make sure to give every plant it’s enough space for getting all the essentials.

6: Good Garden Tools:

A garden cannot be maintained healthy without good quality garden tools. Wheelbarrows, pruners, mowers, forks, spades, hand trowel, shears, and rakes, etc. should be of high quality to keep any garden at its best state.

7: Place the Plants Appropriately:

If you give direct sun exposure to a shade-loving plant, it will not grow and invite disease. If plants do not like the atmosphere around them, they will be stressed out like humans. They will not be able to react with full strength to fight off infections and diseases if they are under stress. Thus, much emphasis should be given for appropriate plant zoning and placement.

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