Kunzea & Hakea.

Hakea Laurina – Pin-cushion Hakea

An outstanding feature of this popular Australian native is its beautiful and unusual flowers. The pin-cushion like flower heads are red with prominent white, cream or pale pink styles and are around 5 centimetres across. They occur in Autumn and Winter which is a good time of year to have flowers in the garden as many plants don’t flower at this time. The plant has attractive blue-green leaves  that often curl adding interest.

This is another one of the more interesting Australian native shrubs and may be used as a feature plant in any garden. It is often used in Australia and oversees as a medium sized street tree and is a fast grower. It can grow into a rather large shrub or small tree in ideal conditions at around 6 metres high and is at home in most well drained soils. It much prefers a sunny site for good flowering and is attractive to birds and pollen seeking insects.

Kunzea Baxteri. or Scarlet Kunzea

This great Australian shrub has brilliant red oval bottlebrush type flowers with gold tips that occur in spring and summer and are extremely attractive. The flowers and fruits are very popular with birds and especially parrots. The leaves are small, soft, fine and an attractive bright green which enhance the beauty of the plant.

It’s an open spreading plant which will grow to around 3 metres tall and wide in ideal conditions and is one of the most floriferous of the Kunzea genus. It has proved very popular with gardeners over the years and is quite easy to grow.

Originating in Western Australia, this is a hardy shrub preferring well-drained soil and full sun or some shade. It may take several years to flower but in that time will grow into a generous size plant. Regular pruning will promote flowering and help to retain a desirable shape.

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