Kangaroo Paws & Rockery Plants

Anigozanthos Manglesii – Red & Green Kangaroo Paw – Floral Emblem of Western Australia.

This Kangaroo Paw is the most unusual and possibly the most beautiful. In Spring it produces red flower stems with green flowers which are striking and can reach 1 metre tall. The strap-like green leaves grow to around 40cm and blend nicely with the flowers. This plant is ideal for rockeries and prefers a sandy well-drained soil. In Western Australia it often lives for several years though is widely considered to be a perennial on the East coast.

Lomandra longifolia – Mat Rush

This is another one of those extremely  versatile and hardy plants that will grow almost anywhere. On warm summer days the flower spikes produce an extremely fragrant perfume. The leaves are strap-like forming tussocks and growing from 30 to 70cm high. A native of most Australian states, Longifolia will accept waterlogged or dry soils, full sun or heavy shade, frost and tropical areas. It will also grow nicely in containers and as with many of the Lomandra genus, is an important stabilizing plant for river banks and streams. Use it as an ornamental grass in native gardens or  as a border along driveways and the blooms also look great in floral arrangements.

Westringia  Wynyabbi Gem

This is yet another one of those great Australian plants that is almost bullet proof in the garden. It’s a hybrid between Westringia fruticosa and Westringia eremicola and is a hardy plant in most situations. We acknowledge that it is grown and sold extensively throughout Australia but have chosen to include it in our range of plants because it is such a pleasant  and useful shrub to grow and have in the garden. It has lots of small mauve flowers along the stems for most of the year and grows to around 1.5 metres high and wide. It prefers full sun for best flowering and is at home in most soils, is salt resistant, is a good medium sized screening plant and is sometimes massed planted and used as a hedge. This attractive Australian plant is also at home in containers.

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