Banksia & Calothamnus

Calothamnus Quadrifidus  ( or One-Sided Callistemon or Common Net Bush.)

This is an extremely hardy and versatile plant. It flowers for long periods of the year through Summer and Spring showing interesting bright red flowers along the stems.  The attractive foliage is fine, neat and pine like providing shelter for small birds and contrasting beautifully with the flowers. This is a tough plant tolerating light frost, wind, coastal exposure and most soil types including wet areas. It is also suited to sloping sites and is probably the best known and hardiest of the Calothamnus genus.


Banksia Ericifolia

This East Coast Banksia is possibly the best of the species. It will tolerate almost any site or any free draining soil.  Its a beauty. But best of all it has huge orange flower spikes that reach 30cm long.  It’s a good screen plant, a great cut flower, is frost and salt resistant, is an interesting feature plant that will attract native birds to your garden and can grow to 5 metres high and 4 metres wide. Its got the lot

Banksia Spinulosa

This is another hardy East Cost Banksia which can grow quite compact  to around 2 metres high and wide but is sometimes larger in favorable conditions. It has large yellow to orange flower spikes growing to 18cm high which are very attractive to birds.  It is most useful as a screen plant, a cut flower, is salt resistant and is at home in most well drained soils.  It also makes an excellent feature plant in any garden.

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