Melaleuca Nesophila.  Showy Honey-Myrtle

This beautiful shrub is one of the jewels in the crown of Australian Plants. Flowering in summer it has 3cm ball flowers in a deep mauve or pink that really make this plant a feature in any garden. It grows fast, is ideal as a screening plant and also tolerates dry or windy positions. It’s a very hardy plant in most soils and enjoys full sun or some shade growing to around 4 metres high and wide. It comes from Western Australia adapting well in most areas and is one of the better Australian plants

Melaleuca Incana – Grey Honey Myrtle

This is another one of the more desirable and hardy Australian plants having many uses and positive features. This beautiful shrub often flowers profusely showing brush-like lemon-yellow flowers at around 3cm across that open in Spring or Summer.  It’s a fast growing plant at around 3 metres high in good conditions and has a most desirable pendulous habit. The foliage is a blue-green or grey-green with the weeping branches creating a most attractive shrub for the garden. Melaleuca Incana is a very hardy shrub in most soils and aspects preferring full sun and tolerating frost, salt spray,  wind,  waterlogged  and compacted soils. It may be used as a wind-break or  hedge or screen if mass planted and the flowers are most suitable for floral arrangements. It may also be pruned to shape enhancing its appearance and appeal.

Acacia Boormanii  –  Snowy River Wattle

The Snowy River Wattle flowers profusely in spring showing masses of bright yellow ball flowers. It’s a medium size shrub growing 2 to3 metres in height with attractive fine green foliage. Native to New South Wales and Victoria it’s a hardy plant in most areas that forms an effective screen when several are planted together. It prefers a sunny well-drained position and is frost hardy. Acacia Boormanii can be used as a feature plant having a desirable rounded shape and will attract birds to the garden.